Siam Steel Gratings Co., Ltd. (SSG) was founded in June 1988 under the name ‘Thai Steel Grating Co., Ltd.’ and began operations in January 1989. In October 1991, Thai Steel Grating Co., Ltd. joined with Progress Manufacturing Pte. Ltd., the largest hot dip galvanizer in Singapore, to form Siam Steel Galvanizing Co., Ltd., which offers galvanizing services to SSG and other customers. In September 1994, Thai Steel Gratings changed its name to “Siam Steel Gratings Co., Ltd.”, under which name it has been well-known until today.
SSG is the largest manufacturer of high-quality steel gratings in Thailand. Our products are used in a multitude of industrial fields. With our new automatic forge-welding machine and newly purchased facilities, SSG is able to produce more than 22,000 sq.m. of steel gratings per month. To support the increase in production and sales of steel gratings, SSG has established its second galvanizing plant adjacent to its steel grating factory. While the first galvanizing plant had been established in 1991 under the name of Siam Steel Galvanizing Co., Ltd. The galvanizing plants not only support the galvanization of gratings for SSG, but also offer galvanizing services for various kinds of steel to our customers.
Except Siam Steel Gratings Co., Ltd., there are also Siam Steel Galvanizing Co., Ltd., Rayong Galvanizing Co., Ltd. which are offering steel galvanizing services to our customers.All companies of the SSG group have been certified ISO 9002 in 2000.



Siam Steel Tower Co., Ltd., established in 1996, has successfully achieved meritorious ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification in terms of product design and production of transmission line towers, communication towers and steel supports in substation. In 2003, the company set up new factory located at Nong Khae district of Saraburi province. This factory, covering an area of 35 rai (5.6 hectares), had a total production capacity of 1,200 metric tons per month. Later the company built more factory buildings and purchased additional equipment and machinery with an aim to expand its production capacity to 3,500 metric tons per month. All constructions and purchases were fully completed on July 1, 2006. With a working area of 2x3,880 square meters and stockyard area of 13,000 square meters, the plant is one of Thailand's largest steel tower manufacturers. Siam Steel Tower provides services and quality products through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and industrial experience, including telecommunication towers, transmission line, towers, substation structures, electrical hardware, and radar towers.


Siam Steel Galvanizing Co.,Ltd established in 1991, is a joint-venture company of Siam Steel Grating Co.,Ltd. and Progress Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. of Singapore, which is one of the largest galvanizing companies is Singapore and has more than 15 years. experience in the Steel Galvanizing industry. The sophisticated and modern equipment of Siam Steel Galvanizing Co.,Ltd has been designed and supplied by a well-reputed company in Australia. While the zinc kettles of Siam Steel Galvanizing Co.,Ltd are the largest in Thailand. Driven by the quality of the galvanizing services of Siam Steel Galvanizing Co.,Ltd., its brand and quality is now well-accepted by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) , international contractor companies and large-scale steel structure contractors and Manufacturers in Thailand. The combined capacities of all factories of Siam Steel Galvanizing and its daughter companies are the biggest of any Siam Steel Galvanizing company in Thailand.


The Rayong Galvanizing plant was established in August 1997 and is located in the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate on a 20,820-square- meter plot of land, of which 3,300 square meters is the factory zone. The plant has over 60 employees and a total production capacity of 2,500 metric tons per month. The Rayong plant has one galvanizing bath, which measures 13.5m in length, 1.6m wide and 2.5m deep.


PWH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of PHB-Weserhutte A.G., a world famous material handling company in Germany. PWH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been developing its activities for more than 20 years in the field of coal and ash handling system by belt conveyor system for Coal-Fired Power Plant in Thailand, in cooperation with Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd./Japan, PWH (Sydney) Pty/Australia, Hawker Noyes Pty. Ltd./Australia, etc. The company's activities as a turnkey contractor in this industrial field are all the mechanical, structural, architectural, electrical, and control works, including engineering layout, detail design, overseas & domestic procurement, fabrication, delivery, erection, commissioning & testing, operation and maintenance. Today, PWH (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has expanded its expertise into various fields, including structural and architectural work, substation and switchyards, power transmission lines, and renewable energy power plants. It also provides a full service of design, manufacturing, supply and installation of solar PV structure as well as complete solar solution as an EPC contractor for solar farm and rooftop solar system.


CHC Engineering is a Power Line Total Solutions Enabler, providing design,supply and construction for high voltage transmission lines, distribution lines, substation and solar farms, which encompasses dismantling work, tower erection and conductors installation and stringing. Today, the company provides site construction throughout the country. CHC has been making lines between power sources and users since 1992. Currently, the 500 KV Transmission Line, EGAT project, total of 167 Kms, is under constructed by CHC, expected to be finished by December 2014.