Standard Panels and Fabricated Gratings

Standard Panels and Fabricated Gratings

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SSG’s steel gratings are available in standard panel form of a general size of six meters long and one meter wide.

Other sizes are available upon request. SSG’s gratings can be customized and fabricated to any shape and size to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

Steel type

SSG’s gratings are manufactured from a special fully-killed steel that meets the requirements of good weldability and high load-bearing capacity.

This steel is also especially suited for galvanization, as it will allow the galvanized zinc to penetrate easily, hence the galvanized zinc will distribute uniformly throughout the gratings.


SSG’s gratings can be classified into two types according to the appearance of the bearing bars These two types of gratings are the ‘Plain Bar’ type and the ‘Serrated Bar’ type. The ‘Serrated Bar’ type has the ability to reduce slipping in offshore, wet, oily or icy conditions and will greatly inmprove the performance for these types of industries. In addition, both types of gratings can be supplied with or without banding bars.

Bar arrangement

Shown below are the six standard types of SSG’s gratings preferred by the industry which have been developed to comply with applications and safety requirements worldwide. This will give our customers the opportunity to choose the ideal type of flooring to match their load requirements as closely as possible. Other bar arrangements may be available depending on quantity required; pleased contact our sales office for any further information.


Each of SSG’s grating products is coded for easy identification as shown in the following example.


The following finishes are available:

  • Self Color for quicker delivery to customers who fabricate their own flooring
  • Galvanized for corrosive and damp locations. Gratings are galvanized to BS 729, giving a minimum average zinc coating of 610 g/sq.m. for sections of 5 mm and above and 460 g/sq.m. for sections of below 5 mm. Gratings can also be galvanized to conform to ASTM 123, giving a minimum average zinc coating of 610 g/sq.m. for sections of 5 mm and above and 550 g/sq.m.

How to order

When ordering gratings and stair treads, please specify:

  • Grating code (For example: SA 255/40)
  • Bearing bar type (Plain or Serrated)
  • Size of banding bars, if banding bar is required.
  • Non-standard welding on banding bar must be noted too.
  • Quantity and size of panels required; please supply drawings (if available) showing
    – All dimensions
    – Bearing bar direction
    – Section size and location of support steel
    – Location and size of cutouts and removable areas
    – Location and size of kickplate, nosing and splices at penetrations
  • Finish (Self Color or Galvanized)
  • Type of fixing clips needed. Clips will be provided on the basis of four sets per panel.
    For treads, please specify the type required, grating type, quantity, dimension and finishing.