Stair treads

Stair treads

SSG can provide stair treads with any bar arrangement and a variety of different non-slip nosings, for example checkered plate nosing or vertical striped steel plate nosing. The stair treads can be fixed to the steel members with bolts (B-type) or by welding (W-type), according to our customers’ requirements.

SSG's standards of stair treads

The following stair tread types are SSG’s standard production types, which are widely used and the most popular ones.

Custom-made stair treads to suit each individual customer’s requirements are also available. Please contact our technical department or our sales department for technical assistance.

How to order

When ordering standard stair treads, please specify the following:


For example:

Stair tread BV-type using SA 255/30 (Plain) size 245 mm width x 720 mm LB.

Meaning: stair tread, bolt fixing type with vertical striped plate steel nosing, using grating type SA 255/30 (plain) size 245 mm width x 720 mm length